How Could This Website Change The Rest Of Your Life For The Better?

Welcome! My name is Lynne. This could be your best day EVER. 

Welcome to the brand, new website for my book. I've decided to bring its information up to date 17 years after it was first published. 

I love watching people’s lives change because of something I encouraged them to do. Why? Because several of the people who read my book in 2001 went on to make millionaire-level fortunes. That's pretty exciting, and I'm not making that up. 

It's what I've always wanted to do, ever since I read a book in 1985 by Napoleon Hill.  I found that book in a desk drawer at work.  An older man had retired and abandoned it. It was a 1967 edition of a book called, "Think And Grow Rich." I'd never heard of such a thing. That book changed everything about the way I see life and inspired me to help other people. My book, “The Little Website That Could,” changed the way a lot of my readers looked at their own lives. For them, it was a turning point. Many of them were confused and had lost hope. Everything looked different after that. 

My book helped them find a career in e-commerce that paid them handsome rewards. Now, 16 years later, I’ve decided to come back and help even more people change their lives. It's not really important why I left the Internet marketing world. That's a long story I'll tell my newsletter subscribers in the future. 

So, if your situation is anything like this: 

• Your financial situation is living paycheck to paycheck

• $7.00 an hour is a starvation wage

• Your family is struggling

• You just want to stop worrying about money

• You have great ideas for a better life but aren’t quite sure how to make them happen 

Then, the lessons and email newsletter on this website are MOST definitely for you. 

This website will teach you how to build a Shopify store, even if you don’t know how to write even one, single piece of code. Although you may have never had an e-commerce store before, NOW is absolutely the very best time to start. The market is “exploding” right now.  Social media gives you an incredible platform to market your products.  Shopify gives you an easy way to build a store fast. My free lessons on the blog here make it even easier. 

I explain some really important aspects of developing your store into a professional storefront.  My lessons tell you things I've learned in my 23 years of e-commerce. 

“WHAT NOW?”  (You’re probably thinking)

GET started right away! Don’t wait for your life to change. Subscribe to my newsletter of tips and tricks you’ll never read anywhere else. Read the blog lessons or watch the videos, or both. 

•  Subscribe NOW by using the box just below this welcome message. It’s FREE and painless (and disease-free and spam-free). You can unsubscribe at any time. No hard feelings. Really. 

• Also, click on the link in the top menu of any page of this website that says LESSONS. You’ll be given a choice of reading the lessons in blog format or watching them in video format. 

I’ve had quite a few successful e-commerce stores of my own and have had websites that sold various products since 1994. I’ve sold everything from Pokémon (before it was a "thing") to computer parts to my own artwork and children’s books.  I’ve taught others how to get their own books and DVDs published on Amazon. I'll teach you how in future newsletter editions, if you're so inclined.

We also have some great artwork and dolls on this store created by the artists at Lynne Marie Studios, Inc. (our parent company). Perhaps you'll find a great gift for someone. 

You can browse all of our product collections here:

Kittyterrus (Kitty) Dragon And Roger Rabbit Temporary Tattoo

Kittyterrus (Kitty) Dragon And Roger Rabbit Temporary Tattoo

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