Stinky Feet Babies Sock Dolls


Stinky Feet Baby Dolls are all original designs by Lynne Marie and fun to cuddle. They were first created from a pair of worn-out, warm socks purchased in Canada in the Yukon at a place called "Destruction Bay." We were driving the Alaska Highway to get to Alaska, and our feet were freezing. It was -50 along that road in January. 

We walked into this restaurant in Destruction Bay and there was a whole bin full of nice, warm socks. As they wore out a few years later, they were so sentimental I didn't want them to get thrown away or used as rags. 

The first Destruction Bay dolly was born, and the name was later changed to Stinky Feet Baby Sock Dolls. They've been sold in gift shops and online for about 9 years. (as of 2017)

All Stinky Feet Babies are now created with new socks (unless otherwise indicated) and come with a Certificate of Authenticity signed by the artist. 

There have been dozens of them created and sold to happy customers, and there will be many more. They are all completely unique, and we know you'll find them pretty amazing.